During the first four semesters of the music program at UNPHU, all students are required to take CORE music courses – arranging, music theory, musicianship, digital notation and the history of western classical music. From the fifth semester forward, students are encouraged to focus their study by electing specialized courses in one of four areas: Performance – instrumental/voice Composition/Arranging/Production (CAP), Music Business, or Recording Arts.

For example, students interested  in the recording arts may elect courses in acoustics, digital recording techniques, mixing, mastering, sound design and Foley recording.

Students interested in the music business may take courses in E-Marketing, entrepreneurship in the music industry, event planning and organization, international copyright and contract law.

*Students interested in studying at UNPHU Music should:

  • Be creative by nature,
  • Possess basic music skills,
  • Be willing to learn,
  • Have good “people skills”,
  • Have good language, reading and writing skills,
  • Be prepared to improve their music writing skills and auditory perception,
  • Demonstrate instrumental/vocal proficiency and interpretation skills,
  • Demonstrate the ability to interpret different musical styles and genres,
  • Be able to perform as a soloist and in an ensemble setting,
  • Have good organizational skills
  • Exhibit the ability to think critically,
  • Demonstrate the intellectual curiosity to meaningfully perform musical works.


If you have the talent but lack formal training, UNPHU Music offers a preparatory semester. The purpose of this semester is to refresh and/or polish you knowledge of basic music theory and auditory skills.

Professional opportunities for UNPHU graduates:

Graduates of UNPHU Music can expect to work in many areas of the music/entertainment industry, including:

  • Film and game music composition
  • Arranging/production
  • Songwriting
  • Conductor/Musical Director
  • Artist management
  • Music supervision for film and television
  • Talent agent
  • Concert promotion
  • Event planning
  • Music Merchandising
  • Entertainment law
  • Music Publishing
  • Music licensing
  • Performance – instrument or voice
  • Audio Engineering
  • Live sound Technician
  • Music Journalism
  • Music teacher
  • Music Therapy
  • On-line music Aggregator

Student and Faculty Awards and Recognitions:

UNPHU Music students are routinely awarded scholarships to study abroad from institutions like Berklee (Summer Program,) the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Hamburg, ALAEMUS for study in Latin America, and the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Denmark.


In addition, UNPHU Music students have distinguished themselves in competitions like: “Dominicana’s Got Talent”, Berklee Estrella Latina, and by winning Meritorious Scholarships from both the Ministry of Youth and the MESCyT.


  • Janina Rosado Grammy Awards
  • Manuel Tejada – Grammy Awards
  • Luis Mancilla – Grammy Awards
  • Alfio Lora – Yamaha Artisits
  • Recordings coming out – Sly De Moya, Corey Dom. Suite with Nestor Torres,
  • Retro Jazz (Pengbian)