The Escuela Internacional de Música Contemporanea at UNPHU offers a fully accredited, professionally oriented, four-year Bachelor of Music degree program (BM) that offers students the ability to concentrate their study in one of four different areas: performance (vocal and instrumental,) the music business, audio engineering, and composition/arranging/ production (CAP).

UNPHU Music has a dynamic, forward-looking program that is optimistic about the future of the music/entertainment industry and is enthusiastic about training its students for leadership roles in that industry. UNPHU students are trained using state-of-the-art music software and hardware including: ProTools, Sibelius, Finale, Digital Performer, Logic and Abelton.

Music classes are taught in a bi-lingual environment. Our faculty includes the most successful musicians, sound engineers, composers, arrangers, producers, concert promoters and music business professionals in the Dominican Republic. Students may also take classes via telecommunications technology, with professors who are located in Los Angeles, New York and Hamburg, Germany.

Main Purpose:

a) To increase the occupational prospects for our graduates by providing the finest, most comprehensive training possible.

b) To enrich and nurture the musical and cultural life of society.

c) To maintain the high level of academic excellence in accordance with the university’s mission, vision and values.

General objective:

To train the next generation of music professionals by providing the musical tools and personal skills necessary to contribute to their cultural and society. This includes promoting values that strengthen their artistic identity, creativity and aesthetic sense.

Specific Objectives:

To educate and train musicians to succeed in the international marketplace in a wide variety of areas.

 To promote creativity in general and to provide experiential training in particular in order to foster good problem-solving skills.

To foster the ability to collaborate and work with others.

To educate competent professionals with training based on the principles of social wellness, ethical and moral values.

Educate competent professionals in the area of music with comprehensive training based on principles and values of social good; whose professional practice is based on ethical and moral values.