UNPHU’s ensembles and laboratories focus on helping the student develop the performance techniques specific to the genre being discussed in the lab or ensemble.  In addition, interpretation, improvisation, style, technique, musical interaction, and stage deportment will be discussed.


During their career at UNPHU Music, all students are required to participate in at least four ensemble courses. Students who have chosen Performance as a concentration must participate in ensembles every semester. If a student is a multi-instrumentalist and wants to play an instrument other than his/her principal instrument in an ensemble, they may do so. But, the student will receive credit only for the ensemble to which he/she has been officially assigned. A student will earn one co-curricular hour per week for participating in additional ensembles.

Here are a few of the ensembles and labs offered at UNPHU Music

Guitar Ensemble


Ensembles and labs are offered subject to the number of students registered for that course. Except for the jazz standards ensemble a minimum of four students is required to offer a course.